River Cruise Questions


Many of my clients have the same questions about river cruising so I thought I would put the most asked ones here for you to learn from.

If I’ve done many ocean cruises, will I like river cruising ?
Actually, river cruising is not for everyone. If you enjoy the Broadway type shows and many sports activities that the large cruise ships offer, you may find the river cruise ships too small. With river cruising, it is all about the destination – strolling through historic villages, viewing castles along the water, docking near markets, museums and famous landmarks. The voyage is more like a floating hotel where you only have to unpack once but you get to enjoy new spectacular scenery every day. Here is a very quick video about the type of wonderful entertainment from local artists brought onto the ship, it is like going out for an evening in town except no lineups as they bring the artist to you !

Are most river cruise companies the same ?
No, they can be quite different in many ways and you should look for the company that best fits how you like to travel. Work with a river cruise agent that knows the differences and can explain them. For instance, those who enjoy a drink with their meal will find that one line includes wine and beer only with dinner, others include it with lunch and dinner plus now there are at least three lines that include most types of alcohol all the time while onboard.
Most of the sightseeing excursions are included however some of the lines also have optional excursions that you have to pay locally whereas others include all excursions plus the gratuities and transfers to and from the airport.

What is the dress code onboard ? 

It does depend on what season you take your river cruise in because I think you’ll find more woman wearing sun dresses to dinner in the summer time but spring & fall tends to see more pants/sweaters due to the cooler weather. Either way though, it is a much more casual dress than on an ocean cruise.

When you’re on shore, I cannot stress enough to bring a good pair of walking shoes or runners because you’ll be doing a lot of walking and will need the support.

Do any of the river cruise companies offer rates for singles ? (without doubling the price)

Yes, as a matter of fact many of the river cruise companies offer no single supplements on their lead in categories, please contact me to see the current specials